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An Expert Public Speaker

Dr. Rai is available to present on a variety of mental health topics to schools, businesses, and other groups. He has significant experience in public speaking and was an award-winning collegiate debater. As a medical student, he presented his neuroscience-based research at international conferences. During his psychiatric residency, he gained a reputation as a strong public speaker and expert on a diverse set of mental health topics ranging from suicide prevention to the use of psychiatric medications. If you are interested in booking him please complete the form below.


Audience Testimonials

"Dr. Rai's presentation was the best...I learned the most...most interesting."


"Dr. Rai's presentation was a great way to open the conference. His presentation was well done, informative, and engaging."


"I learned how to spot symptoms of depression and anxiety and I think that information will be really helpful." 


"Something that I learned that we could use for our campaign is that depression is very common so people can easily empathize with those who do." 


"Today, I learned the difference between just plain sadness and depression.  I also learned that there are things you could do at home to make you feel better." 

Book Dr. Rai

*Please do not use this form to contact Dr. Rai regarding private medical or psychiatric concerns. Please use the Luminello patient portal or Office line for personal matters in order to stay within HIPAA (medical information privacy law) compliance.

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