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Harry Rai MD

Open-minded | Personalized | Expert Care


Hello! My name is Dr. Harry Rai, and I am a Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist practicing in Ann Arbor, MI. My psychiatric practice is dedicated to providing you with the care you deserve. Developing a strong alliance between a psychiatrist and patient and creating an open, nonjudgmental, and collaborative environment is the ideal foundation for all mental health treatment. I tailor my treatment approach to each patient and their personal goals, combining a variety of approaches, including psychotherapy, meditation, dietary changes, exercise, light therapy, nutrition supplements, and, when appropriate, psychotropic medications. If you are already working with trusted therapists and other providers, I will collaborate closely with them and include multiple perspectives on your mental health.


Other features of my practice include: 

  • Availability for evening and weekend appointments

  • Longer than average appointment times (up to 90 minutes)

  • Convenient online calendar to schedule, cancel and reschedule appointments

  • Direct phone, email and patient portal access to your doctor with timely responses 

  • Availability for Telepsychiatry (online video-based) appointments

  • A highly accessible clinic located in downtown Ann Arbor, walking distance from the University of Michigan campus

 If you want to schedule a consultation, please click the "New Patients" button above and complete the online form! Take care and be well! 

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